Artificial Graphite Blocks & Plates

Blocks are processed by Compression Moulding from medium grain powders of pure carbon materials. Blocks are heated for Graphitization to obtain excellent structure and strength. These Blocks are machinable and used for various applications such as Metallurgical, Moulds, Crucibles, Vacuum Furnaces, etc.


Up to 600 x 500 x 1800mm

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Typical Properties Unit SGB-EC SGB
Particle Size mm 0.80 0.80
Apparent Density g/cc 1.66 1.75
Porosity % 25 18
Electrical Resistivity micro-ohm-m 9.0 8.4
Compressive Strength MPa 25 37
Flexural Strength MPa 15 18
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion 10-7/oC 18 19