Aluminium Industry
  • Degassing Shaft – Rotor, Fluxing Tubes, plates, etc. used as purification process.
  • Plates and Rolls used on extrusion process.
  • Rings for Hot Top Casting / Gas Slip System

Chemical Industry
  • Carbon/Graphite Bricks for chemical resistance lining.
  • Rods, blocks, etc. Electrolysis Process
  • Carbon/Graphite Rings, Tubes, etc. distillation tower packing, heat exchanger equipments.

Electrical & Electronic Industry
  • Thermite Welding, Resistance Brazing, Electrical Contacts in Switchgear, etc. for electrical applications
  • Crucible, Moulds, heating elements, etc. for Silicon Processing

Glass Industry
  • Products for technical, hollow and container Glass Manufacturing
  • Parts and Components for Float Glass Process

High Temperature Metallurgical
  • Sintering Plates, Charging Systems, heating tube, heating elements, Semi finished Plates, Furnace components, etc.
  • Melting, holding, casting Processes
  • Manufacture of diamond tools, synthesis, etc.
  • Plates, Crucibles and Mould for inert gas soldering, sintering, etc.
  • Rods and Tubes for Quartz Production

Non-ferrous and Precious Metals
  • Dies for Continuous Casting Technology
  • Crucibles & Moulds for Precious Metals, Stirring rods, plugs, etc.
  • Boats and Moulds for Ingots
  • Tubes for Thermocouple, rods, plates, etc. for furnaces

Autmobile Die Moulds
  • EDM, Aluminium die cast, forging moulds, plastic injection moulds, threading dies, etc.